Theo Martins is an Artist & Founder of Good Posture, a Product & Music Company and Cereal & Such, a Food company.

Good Posture was founded in 2014 by Theo Martins as an outlet to channel his various interests, emphasizing his relationship between Music, Products, Furniture and Art. The Good Posture record label serves as a platform for Martins and various artists from around the world.

Martins founded Cereal & Such in 2016. “Cinnamon Squares” an all new Cereal from Cereal & Such, is a focus on flavor-driven small-batch cereal with a renewed attention to ingredients and quality.

The output between both companies is a continuous stream of ideas, collaborations and music. 

 Theo Martins Inc. (Good Posture, Cereal & Such)

All artistic works, outreach & publicity are done in house. 

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