Posture is a way of living, a way of thinking, a position to rest on. We’re aware of the overconsumption that occurs within fashion, retail and just about any industry. It‘s taken some time to navigate how I saw this company within an industry where, I too, sell products.

As a creative business I’m constantly finding the balance between maintaining the pure creative energy that I began this journey with. However, my aim is to fully express myself and share my ideas without compromise, in hopes that those who feel how I feel will respond to it.
Posture has always been made in small and frequent quantities. I want it to feel special to those who own what I make. There’s a story I’m telling through these products and I realize that it’s not for everyone and I accept that. i’m interested in making stuff for the world i want to live in.

Moving forward Posture will continue to produce at small and continuous batches. The brand will explore more of the design elements that we prefer to wear rather than what is presumed to sell. We’ll lean further into the practice of Posture and what that means. Thanks for joining me on this ride, its been a transformative 5 years and im excited for what lies ahead.
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Walking has always been a part of being human. Many archaeologists have found that even when humans were nomadic tribes, we would often walk great distances to stalk our prey (think Wooly Mammoths) and wait for them to sleep before pouncing. Walking is, essentially, what humans are physically we best at.

We’re the slowest runners, the worst swimmers, and we can’t even fly without a big jet engine. Walking is the humans bread and butter.

Swipe through for a look at our thoughts on the importance of walking.


Good Posture is proud to present PostureWorks Online Yoga Sessions.

Sessions will be held live via instructor @ahmeddotcom’s IG & Facebook live.

Sessions begin 9am US central time/3pm central European standard.

This will be a beginners series. Encourage your children to join us.

Friday, March 20 - Friday March 27
- 9am US Central Standard | 3pm European Central Standard



Introducing our collaborative Special Edition cereal & toy with @carrotsbyanwarcarrots and @bredastudio. Orange nylon strap, lined with embossed genuine leather. black stainless steel case with the hour marker reading Cereal and the minute marker reading Carrots.


Theo Martins Presents...Cereal Sounds Vol. 1 an album featuring:
Electric Guest
Kelsey Bulkin
and more.

Stream here and/purchase in the shop.


Cereal & such debuts, “Cinnamon Squares” the first signature line of Cereal under the umbrella.  “Cinnamon Squares” accompanies Cereal Sounds Vol. 1 an album by Theo Martins. Purchase now in the shop.


“New Kids on the Block” Cultured Mag Summer Issue in conversation with Theo Martins, regarding work and processes within Office & Gallery, Cereal & Such and more.

Words by Maxwell Williams. Images courtesy Ja Tecson. Special Thanks LALA Magazine.

Read: https://www.culturedmag.com/new-kids-on-the-%E2%80%AFblocks/

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Spring Summer Collection Releases July 6 9amPST

Photography by Armina Mussa


Theo Martins talk with Beats by Dre as part of their Corner Office STORIES Series, featuring, Luke Wood (Beats By Dre, President), Kei Henderson (21 Savage), Dia Simms (Bad Boy Records, President), Rich Paul (Klutch Sports, Lebron James).

READ: Theo Martins Beats By Dre The Corner Office: 


Images by Ja Tecson.