Words are poor form of Communication. One word holds many different connotations to many different people. There's no way differentiate the words without first establishing what the word means to the speaker and the listener. That alone takes effort and time more than the words may justify. So what's the work around? Limit words? Possibly. Use precise language? Likely, but you'll run into a similar issue as I mentioned above. What does not require effort are Feelings. The Feeling of listening to music, the Feeling of Excitement, Sadness, Joy. Those Feelings are inexplainable - you just know.

So how do we Communicate through our Feelings? If I am feeling pure Joy I don't want my Joy to be diluted to mean anything other than that Feeling. And if I do then I chip away at the Essence of an emotion to relate to a blanketed term. That's backwards.

So that begs the question: "How Does One Communicate Efficiently, with the knowledge that words are a poor form?"

I woke up this morning, peered out my bedroom window and said, "Okay, I get another day to do it all over again".


Directed by Theo Martins

Animation & Motion by Andrew Pulig

Happy National Walking Day

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The only thing that you have is your Art. If you are an Artist, it's the only thing you have. Without that you are technically dead. The Art is what allows you to have something to hold on, to identify yourself with, commodify, et cetera. And then there's another level where you use it and you see the effects of it by just simply being yourself.

But there's another layer beyond that. And it is just the absolute. It's the Kobe Bryant mentality: I'm going to die every time I step on this court - that sort of mentality. And when done with sincerity, it is an unstoppable force.

And I think in any capacity to like recognize your art, it's a profound thing. And it is very impactful, but if you truly want to live and almost be an astonishment of what you are and all the things that influence you and inspire you, the only way to really understand that is to dive into it, period, like be willing to actually lose all the air in your lungs in order to see it with your own eyes.